Workshops for AP CS Teachers from AP~TIP IN

As part of their on-going effort to expand and support AP CS A teachers around the state and country, the AP~TIP IN program will be hosting a few 1-day workshops and live online webinars during the upcoming Spring semester.

Brief info on both opportunities is below:

1 day AP CS workshop (same information)

  1. 1/26 (Tuesday) in Hammond Area.  This is tentatively scheduled at Lake Central HS. The workshop will run 8AM-3PM Central Time. Joe Kintzel is the presenter.
  1. 2/9 (Tuesday) at Whiteland HS (South of Indianapolis).  This workshop will run 8AM-3PM Eastern Time.  Joe Kintzel will be presenting.

This workshop is only $50 and includes lunch. 

Details on parking and topics will be sent out in the coming weeks.  Based on feedback from teachers, topics will be selected that are most desirable in order to cater the workshop around your needs. PGP’s will be given to those attending at your request.

Anyone interested in attending one of these 1-day workshops will need to email Bryan Passwater ( directly.

Online Webinars

In addition to the in-person workshops, AP~TIP IN will begin a series of FREE online live webinars for teachers starting this month.  These online webinars will be on Monday evenings and run 7:30-8:30PM Eastern Time. These webinars are open to ALL AP CS A teachers around the country and are completely FREE.

The first webinar will be on 1/25 and will cover OOP Fundamentals including Classes/Objects, Methods, Constructors, and Static Elements.

To register for this webinar, simply click on the link below:

These webinars are great opportunities to discuss a topic, learn how questions appear on the AP exam, learn how the questions are graded and scored as well as get strategies and tips on how to help students understand the topic and be successful on the AP exam.  There are opportunities for you to ask questions during the webinar and have your questions addressed.

All webinars will be recorded, so if you cannot attend live, you can still receive the link for the recorded session.  In order to receive the recorded session, you MUST register for the event.  After the event, an email with the link to the webinar will be sent to all who registered, as well as all the resources that were discussed and/or shared during the webinar.

Additional questions can be directed to Bryan Passwater at