AP CS Principles Resource from PD4CS

The PD4CS team wants to make you aware of an exciting new resource. We have just released professional development material aligned with the curriculum of the new  AP Computer Science Principles course and using Python as the programming language.  Visit  http://www.pd4cs.org/ to check it out!

This material is teacher-facing with a focus on both content and pedagogy. A main goal is making teachers aware of common challenges and misconceptions students face and how to address them. We include units on Python programming, including Variables, Functions, Loops, and Data Structures. Our units on Algorithms, Recursion, Simulation and Modeling, Big Data, and Information Security align with the CS Principles curriculum.  

The PD material includes many examples and a few projects for use in your classroom. For example, in the section on conditionals, we include a fun class project about the classic Monty Hall game. The material includes a unit on assessment strategies containing advice on how to write good assessment questions and suggesting ways for effectively providing feedback on assignments.

We hope you will visit PD4CS and check out its content. We know that the challenges you face in the classroom are many and varied, and our goal is to help reduce that burden  by providing answers to the questions you face in your practice. If you have question, feel free to write to us at pd4cs-help@lists.purdue.edu.