IndyPy Web Meetups Open to Educators

IndyPy, a group of Python developers located in the greater Indianapolis-area, would like to welcome any interested educators and their students to participate in their monthly meetups. Current meetups are held face-to-face in downtown Indianapolis, but future meetings may be live-streamed if interest levels in the meetings increases.

Carol Ganz, the Director of Client Services for Six Feet Up, inc. has reached out to encourage Indiana CSTA members to participate in the group’s activities. Interested members can join the Meetup at and then will receive messages from IndyPy regarding meeting times and events. Additional information about other events like PyOhio and PyTennessee will also be communicated.

IndyPy is a group for networking, learning, and having fun with other local Python users and developers. The group meets every second Tuesday of the month at the Speak Easy in Indianapolis and events start at 7pm. Each event has a mix of presentations, tutorials, and fishbowls so that everyone from beginners to Python masters can learn something new.

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