Purdue CS Summer Camp 2017 Enrollment Open

Purdue University is offering both middle school and high school summer camps from June 11-16, 2017. The camps will focus on introducing students to computational thinking and programming using computer security as a central theme. Students will explore ideas in cryptography, networks, and data security by using a variety of tools including Linux, Python, Scratch, Raspberry Pi and others.

Campers will work in small teams to use programming to solve real-world problems, relying on professional practices, teamwork, and near-peer mentors to help them achieve their goals. A student participating in this camp will gain hands-on experience with programming, algorithms, problem solving, and app development.

Purdue’s middle school camp is open to students who are entering grades 6, 7, or 8 by the Fall of 2017. For the high school camp, students should be entering grades 9, 10, or 11 by Fall 2017. No previous computer science or programming expertise is necessary, but campers should be comfortable using a computer. Return campers are welcomed and encouraged to build on the skills they have developed.