Purdue PD4CS Teacher Support Site Now Open to All

Purdue University’s Department of Computer Science has opened up their PD4CS teacher support materials to all teachers after 3-years of testing and development. The NSF-sponsored project has supported hundreds of teachers in their preparation for teaching programming and other computing concepts.

From the PD4CS website, “the goal of PD4CS is to provide an evidence-based professional development (PD) program to improve teachers’ knowledge to teach CS Principles course. The presented materials aim to prepare teachers to gain a better understanding of common scenarios that students may find confusing in the classroom, and to provide insights on how to respond to their concerns.”

Teachers can access several pages while exploring the materials before eventually being asked to create an account. Researchers still wish to collect some usage data, and this is the sole reason for asking educators to create a new account.

The site can be reached at http://www.pd4cs.org.

Further questions should be directed to Susanne Hambrusch (seh@purdue.edu).