ACM High School Programming Competition 2017

The ACM High School Coding Competition will be held on Purdue University’s campus, Saturday April 15, 2017. The event is an annual programming competition hosted by Purdue’s ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Chapter. High School Students from around the Midwest will come to Purdue to compete. Teams of two students attempt to solve 10 programming questions in the shortest possible time. The questions cover a variety of topics and difficulty levels. The best teams take home prizes, and all students will receive something for attending.

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Purdue CS Ed Week Programming Challenge 2016

Purdue UniversityPurdue University’s Department of Computer Science is encouraging Indiana K-12 students to participate in their annual Programming Challenge held in conjunction with CS Education Week (Dec. 5 – Dec. 11, 2016). The problems are designed for students to work on in teams of up to 4 students. Students may submit solutions to any of the three problems, and each problem will be looked at independently. The best solution for each problem will win a prize, and all students with correct solutions will have their name published on the Purdue Computer Science website.

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Cutler-Bell Prize for Excellence in HS Computing 2016

The Association for Computing Machinery and the Computer Science Teachers Association are excited to announce the opening of the 2016 Cutler-Bell Prize for Excellence in High School Computing contest. Applications will be accepted May 1 – November 1.

This prize seeks to promote and encourage the field of computer science, as well as to empower young and aspiring learners to pursue computing challenges outside of the traditional classroom environment.

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