NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing 2015

ncwit_aspirationsThe 2015-16 Indiana Aspirations in Computing Awards competition for high school girls, in conjunction with the national award, is set to kick off on September 1. The annual awards are given to high school aged women in the state of Indiana that have demonstrated outstanding aptitude and interest in IT and computing.

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Microsoft Research Provides CS Toolkit

Microsoft Research has developed a series of tools that address the CS Principles curriculum in an engaging way for students from diverse backgrounds. These tools include videos, quizzes, and interactive apps that take advantage of the “Office Mix” technology package.

Young women are encouraged to explore these lessons and take their first steps towards becoming future leaders in computer science. The lessons provide a fun and safe environment for girls to experience computing and gain the knowledge, encouragement, and support to help them become producers of future innovations in technology to solve global challenges.

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Attract More Women to Your CS Classroom

The organization she++ has many great resources that can be used within your classroom, with school counselors, and at parent nights in order to help young women feel more comfortable taking a CS class. In addition, the organization also has a fellowship program that is designed to help communities with limited CS offerings start new programs.

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